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Levels of Faith

Learning to literally live IN faith is a challenging process that gets messy and takes time…and yes…FAITH!  I have dabbled in this practice throughout my life, but have in recent months begun to really work through the process of trusting my destiny to God.   What better teacher than Journey of Possibilities?

We are taught to plan and prepare in order to be conscientious, responsible adults. Only a careless fool doesn’t plan ahead, right?  All the way back to childhood we’ve heard stories like the squirrel who puts away nuts for the winter and the…what was the other animal..who doesn’t plan ahead and gets hungry when the snow falls?  Anyway, it’s a deeply instilled life lesson.  Well if it is all about planning, where does faith come in to play?

We ARE to plan…and then we are to be READY and OPEN for the Miracles to arrive while remaining FLEXIBLE to adjust course along the way.  When we plan and pray for answers, we don’t always recognize the solutions because we are looking for God to answer in our vision.  How silly!  God answers in Divine Intelligence and Faith is our guide to remaining open to ALL Possibilities.

As I touched on during a radio interview I was blessed to be invited to give earlier this week (, Journey is being revealed one row of bricks at a time on this Path.  I had a vision of Journey that was divinely inspired and began to move toward that.  However, it changes as I go along.  I have come to understand that I only saw a glimpse of one level in the process, with no idea when that actually occurs.  At some stages, things move very quickly.  At other stages, I am tempted to think God has forgotten about me over here!  Then just as suddenly, things pick back up as if they were intended at that very moment, and indeed they were!

Faith is living in Prayer, intending from the realm of all Possibilities, and being open to Divine Guidance at every step of the process.  Plan all you wish, but that is merely our own human busy work in an attempt to be ready for the blessings to come.  The rest of the story is intending those blessings, and expecting them to appear in any shape possible.  What blessings might you be overlooking because they don’t look the way you want or expect, or because you are trying to fit them into your will rather than Thine?  Namaste!

Yours in Spirit,

Sheryl Sitts, Founder & CIO (Chief Inspirational Officer)

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