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Letting Go of What Others Want(ed) for Me to Ask the Most Important Question of My Life

My hard-working, middle class parents spent their entire lives working to manifest enough for our family.  Living in our inherited family homestead, I remember an endless struggle through entrepreneurial projects, job losses, too much debt, and eventually bankruptcy and life after bankruptcy.  The “good old days” that dominated conversation at family gatherings certainly weren’t ever “these good old days.”  Learning from our experiences and conversations about what they’d done well and what they regretted, I developed a sense


of what would bring me happiness and set forth as a young adult to get a good education, work hard in a conventional job, marry a good man who’d take care of me, and embrace the security of home-ownership.  Now two degrees later, I’ve been laid off from that job, divorced by that good man, and feel home-ownership as more of a burden than a joy.  I’ve had a blast along this journey, but it is clearly time for me to live a new dream for myself.

lessismoreAs I let go of proving my worth in the workplace where my labor is marked up for another’s profit, the need to be taken care of by a man, and finding security in my home, I allow a sense of freedom and joy to come in that I did not even know was possible.  Taking away this, I no longer need that, which negates having this other over here.  Less isn’t just more…it’s everything!  My whole American-Dream-house-of-cards is tumbling down and I stand completely free!

Now I find myself contemplating the most exciting question of my entire life:  what if I could go anywhere in the world where they need exactly the gifts and talents I bring, and I can feel fully alive and of value while exploring new culture and scenery?  Putting my whole self to use in service to the world and allowing the Divine Universe to take care of me as I know it does…now that’s freedom and security!  Ironically, it took my whole life journey exactly as it has been with my dear parents’ guidance (God rest their souls!) to bring me to right here, right now.  What’s next?  Who knows, but won’t that be fun to discover?  If you have ideas for my next grand adventure, I’d love to hear from you below!

Much love and Light to you in your own Journey of Possibilities,
Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Holistic Spiritual Coach, Practitioner, & Community Builder
Founder, Journey of Possibilities featuring live events, weekly shows, and a quarterly digital magazine

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