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Let Gratitude Carry You Away

When is the last time you got very still and simply allowed yourself to be flooded with gratitude for your blessings? As I sat in my home this morning next to my trickling meditation fountain, studying for a graduate course, I stopped to glance out the window at the trees and birds chirping and playing at their feeder. I allowed myself to surrender to a passing moment of thankfulness for that serene moment. Then I really surrendered.

As I felt that moment of rich happiness, I went on to ponder how blessed I am to have my own home in a quiet semi-rural area. Next I was thankful for being laid off so I can focus on school and starting Journey. I felt how healthy my body is, and appreciated its mobility and my smart brain.

Then I began to consider the opportunities that have come to me in the past few weeks for creative professional growth in directions I’d never even considered that are somehow perfect…as if they came about just for me. I looked at the contacts I’ve made by not being completely engulfed in a job and school. I realized how free I feel in my life, and how filled with joy and gratitude my body felt at that moment. Wow!  I was moved to tears I was so truly filled with thanks!

Had I chosen in that moment to climb on board the pity train, I could have had that thing going full-speed in no time. Geez, I’m unemployed with no benefits. Now that I’m divorced, there’s no one to help me.  Oh no, what if money doesn’t come! Shouldn’t I be out there pounding the pavement? That would cost money for gas and put more wear on my car…my car! What if that breaks down? How will I fix it? Fix it…my house! What if anything goes wrong around here? Man, this sucks. How could they lay me off? I gave all I had to that company, and then they…

You can see how it begins to spiral quickly! Thank God I can spiral just as quickly back into gratitude for having time to finish school, catch up with those I love, enjoy my home, play with my cats, pursue new opportunities…

Every day we choose our attitude, and in doing so, we choose what vibration we will live at and who we will attract, because like attracts like.  Who do I want to be, and who do I want to be around?  Today is a great day to sit very still and get lost in feeling each individual thing we have for which we can thankful (full of thanks) and grateful (full of gratitude). Try it; let gratitude carry you away!

Sheryl Sitts
Founder & CIO (Chief Inspirational Officer)
Journey of Possibilities

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