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Lessons in Vulnerability & Receiving…From A Tree!

tree-141692_1280This past weekend, I had a chance to do one of my favorite things: meditate with my back against a tree. As science continues to explore how trees communicate,  I enjoy my own relationship with trees.  They have so much wisdom to share, and whenever I am still and listen, I gain insight that changes the way I view the world and my life.  Last weekend was no exception.

The question on my heart for this meditation was how to receive.  I’ve spent most of my life giving, which I truly enjoy, but also recognize how it keeps me safe from having to be vulnerable and receive.  I also miss out on receiving all the love, joy, and good stuff…and I’ve had enough of missing out on that!  Like many who suffered some kind of early abuse in life, I learned to be in control which made me less vulnerable.  Now I’m ready to really, deeply FEEL.

As soon as my back was nestled up against the tree and stable, I began to get information.  This is what I remember the tree telling me.

“Look at me.  See how old and healthy I am.  Feel how strong I am.  My roots run deep.”

“See the ‘face’ on my trunk that many admire? It was created by scars I received during the difficult times.  See how they add to my character and beauty.”

“I have stood here minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day, and year after year after year after year.  I can’t go get anything.  Ever!  The Universe brings me all I need.  Light.  Dark.  Water. Love.  All I need to grow strong and beautiful.”

Isn’t it amazing to realize how trees never worry about not having enough, whether there will be enough, or whether they are good enough?  They never think about the “bad years” again after they have passed.  They are present fully in each moment knowing that right now, all is well.

In my personal life, my walls are slowly dissolving.  This meditation reaffirmed my faith in myself to live in this present moment, to attract all that I need for my Highest good, and to accept all that comes and know it IS for my Highest good.

In business, I’ve been feeling torn between years of marketing, media and outreach expertise and recent shifts in money/business to serve in ways that invite all to invest and honor each other flexibly in ways that expand beyond the monetary system that is clearly crumbling.  During my meditation, I initially felt the lower vibrational energy of pushing that exists in marketing these come-learn-what-I-know offers.  Then I felt the higher vibrational energy of more open-hearted invitations to gather and share in which all are asked to invest in the community, a donation level is suggested, and then whatever anyone can truly give is met with genuine gratitude and love.  Moreover, I felt how the latter rests in trusting a generous Universe to meet and even delightfully exceed any need, and the former rests in fear of not-enoughness and pushing others to value me more.  I love this shift!   I share this only as a new direction for my business, not a prescription for anyone else.

Everything is energy and vibration, and the vibration of receiving is rooted in receiving myself and all that is, exactly as it is.  From there, the walls naturally begin to dissolve and I can receive every other in exactly the same way.  I love this sensation and hope I have begun to convey its beauty in this blog.  Please share your thoughts and insights on this subject below as we open and allow more of life together.

Much love and Light,

Sheryl Sitts, Journey of Possibilities ~ Joyful, awakened, authentic living…naturally!

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