baby-69137_640Laughter can be contagious. But the best part of it is that laughter has many benefits for our health. Laughter is something that can bind people together and create an atmosphere of happiness without the people having to know each other.

Laughter has major benefit on our health, especially on the immune and cardiovascular system of our body. Let us now take a look at few of the benefits that laughter has on our health.

• It is a really powerful antidote to any kind of stress or anger as it reduces the level of certain types of hormones like epinephrine and dopac, which are directly related to stress and its reactions. A good laugh can easily bring your mind and body back to peace. It also helps people suffering from hypertension. It helps in lowering blood pressure as well.

• Laughter helps in reducing the chances of a heart attack as it expands the inner linings of the arteries and hence increases blood flow.

• Laughter also has several psychological benefits. It enhances attentiveness and gives more self confidence and mental strength.

• Laughter is also helpful in burning calories and hence helps in losing weight. It also strengthens abdominal muscles and improves our respiratory system.

• Laughter also has really good effect on our social life. Laughing increases our skills of communicating with others. Laughter also makes a person more cheerful and hence more likely makes them popular in a group as they can be a good companion.

The best thing about laughter is that, it does not have any kind of negative physical or mental side effects. Some people opt for medical treatments for the above mentioned ailments which costs them considerable amount of money. On the other hand, laughing is a free of cost natural approach and has immediate positive effects. But it should also be taken in consideration that if conditions like drawn out periods of depression exist, people should consult a physician.

You can tell about a child’s health just by seeing how much fun does the child have while laughing. Similarly introducing laughter in your life will help you by providing you a holistic lifestyle filled with happiness.

About the Author: Laughing is the simplest natural approach to relieving your stress related troubles. But sometimes it’s not the total solution. is an online shop that sells holistic health care products that can relieve your mental stress.

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