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It’s ALL Just a Story! Are You Ready to Write a New One?


We are story makers…fabulous story makers!  Some of our stories gather enough momentum to become accepted by mainstream society as the “norm”.  Suddenly anyone who doesn’t buy into that is an outsider…ab-norm-al…even ridiculed or persecuted by those in the norm for being a free thinker, a free doer, a free be-er.  Our desire to belong and rise to the top of the most popular current stories leads us to forget that it’s ALL just a story.  We can write a new story any time we want!  Why give away personal power and story-creating freedom when there is an individual story waiting inside each of us, hoping we will be still, listen, and live it?  (By the way, I am available and would love to help you, if you’d like, to see the stories that no longer serve you and discover / live a happier story…your story!)

With love and gratitude,
Sheryl Sitts, Holistic Spiritual Broadcaster/Coach/Practitioner
Journey of Possibilties

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