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Is Our Mass-Awakening Physical, Spiritual, Galactic…?

GalaxyWhat if Neale Donald Walsch has it right and God actually, well, exploded Him/Herself into a gazillion little particles and each manifested a body within itself to experience its…OUR Divinity in a unique way?  It doesn’t seem so far-fetched to me.  In fact, it even blends the hundreds of religious stories about a Creator with science’s big bang theory in a way.  So let’s consider that for a moment…

If you were God in charge of all this, would you really only reach Earth with this little project?  Or would you possibly populate yourself into different planets and life forms across the galaxies?  Like many of my adventurous friends, I hate to miss out on anything, so might I guess God would feel the same?  Of anyone who might want to do something BIG, why not God?

So now we have God in all kinds of skin and atmospheres across planets and galaxies having any kind of experience you can imagine (and probably a few more you can’t).  Now what happens when we start to awaken to Who we are and how many different types of us there are?

I believe this is what’s happening right now.  I don’t think there’s an organic movement, a movement to discover we can heal ourselves, a movement of truth about spirituality, a galactic disclosure movement, etc. all “coincidentally” happening at the same time.  I think it’s all one big mass awakening to realize that we all ARE, we are all ONE, and we are all DIVINE.

Far out?  Sure!  Or is it?  These are my mass awakening musings.  Tell me yours!  What do you think is happening right now?

Sheryl Sitts, Founder ~ Journey of Possibilities

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