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Instant Connections

Sometimes we meet a person and instantly feel like we’ve known them for years, spending the weeks that follow filling each other in on the seemingly insignificant facts of our lives.  It’s like we want to know enough about one another to match the closeness we have achieved – that normally follows years of friendship.  These amazing and rare connections are some of the deepest relationships of our lives, regardless how long they last.  They may arrive to help us through a time, show us a possibility, or teach us a vital life lesson and then they’re gone.  Their impact, however, is always profound.  One theory that resonates for me is that we plan such connections in the spiritual realm before we ever come into this life as spirits having a human experience.   This blog is to honor those I’ve had in my lifetime, and their Light that remains in my heart.

There was my neighbor who I met as she moved all of her belongings from an apartment downstairs to an apartment by me – one shopping cart at a time!  By her 5th trip past my open door, I had to ask, and a beautiful relationship ensued.  Lisa brightened a dark time in my life in a unique, loving, and creative way, always bringing laughter to my then disillusioned and confused self.

There was a coworker I enjoyed for a few brief weeks who had such a bright spirit, creative Light, and magical energy about her.  When we got together, hours passed like seconds in laughter and creative exploration of what might be Divinely possible for us in this lifetime.  We compared our star charts marveling at our cosmic connection and then somehow stayed stuck in our own confusion.  We saw our own Possibilities in each others company and reflection, but chose then not to act…yet.

Several more have come and gone leaving brilliant marks on my life and permanent spaces of love in my heart.  Recently, another has arrived bringing me incredible insight.  This time when I recognized some of my own Possibility, I did not run, and as she sees hers, she is not running either.  She has quickly become my closest spiritual heart guide and we have profound sessions together loving each other through the deepest unexplored parts of ourselves so that we can, in turn, love others into new heights of living as well. Attracting new teachers and exploring new paths, our Light grows brighter and our passion to share it expands. We marvel at how the roles of student and teacher alternate back and forth between us, absent ego or judgment.

These instant deep connections that appear in our lives have big impact and potential, if we allow it.  They are Divinely guided and blessed to touch us in beautiful and transformational ways.  I wonder.  Will you and I share such a connection along this earthly segment of our Journey of Possibilities?


Sheryl Sitts, Chief Inspirational Officer

Journey of Possibilities

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