Annie Happiness Iceberg 2Did you know that our happiness is affected less by the events that happen around us than it is by our beliefs? In particular, beliefs about our own worthiness and “enoughness” make a huge difference in how happy we feel. Now, at first that might seem like a bad thing, since it can be hard to change those beliefs, but I have good news!

Beliefs are simply thoughts that we have repeated many times. They feel true because they are familiar, but actually, any belief that feels yucky, (like, “I have to do it all myself,” or, “I am not enough”) is not true! Those beliefs are just remnants of painful experiences from the past, reminding us of what we have survived.

It is time to move beyond survival.  It is time to open up to ease, connection and freedom!

Here’s How:

  1. Choose one positive statement from the blue portion of the Happiness Iceberg and slowly read it out loud. (Do this every day for 7+ days.)
  2. After reading your statement from the Iceberg, notice how you respond. Do your best to simply notice body sensations, emotions & thoughts without evaluating or changing them.
  3. If you begin to feel anxious or upset in any way, pause, take a deep breath, then wiggle your toes or shake out your arms. Guiding your attention to your breath and moving your body will quickly release the energy and distract you from familiar, negative thoughts.
  4. If you feel calm, encouraged or uplifted after reading your statement, pause to allow that yumminess to sink in. Not only will this feel good, but also it will help your brain convert the positive statement into a strong, new belief.

The more you practice these four simple steps, the more quickly your beliefs will change, and the more deeply you will enjoy ease, connection, and freedom. No matter what your life has looked like up until now, you deserve happiness, and you can have it!

Annie Headshot.WhiteAnnie B. Wilson, MBA, PhD is a healer who can access the blocks and patterns that keep you from being fulfilled, complete, and abundant. She is available for private sessions and group workshops. Connect with Annie at

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