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I Finally Found the God I’ve Been Looking For by Sheryl Sitts

Baptized as a baby, attending Christian schools and church services right here in Houston, praying and tithing, I have always considered myself spiritual. I even chose to be baptized again as an adult, following a particularly wild spell in my early twenties. My main challenge has always been finding a religion that feels aligned for me. I’ve visited Baptist, Catholic, Protestant, Church of Christ, non-denominational and spirit-filled Christian churches in search of my spiritual community. I’ve had deep conversations with friends, coworkers, and neighbors about their atheist, agnostic, Christian, Buddhist, Mormon, Islamic, Wiccan, and kosher Jewish beliefs and practices. With each conversation, what has become more obvious is that I embrace some teachings while rejecting others.

In 2012, I participated in my first ceremony with entheogens to heal a childhood emotional wound. As I entered that space for the first time, I sought to connect with the God of my understanding. I felt my heart plunge into a vast ocean of deep, immeasurable love. I felt, with every cell in my body, my connection to all life: every plant, animal, person, and spirit. I relaxed into this newfound feeling like I have never been able to rest before. I saw through this “maya” (illusory reality) into the truth of our existence as pure energy. Suddenly, my earthly stories seemed insignificant … though I would deal with them soon enough. Never again would I need to be convinced of my Divine nature or to ‘believe’ in God. Now I know God first-hand. I AM a spiritual being having a human experience (many of them, in fact) to explore my own Divinity.

Reconnecting me with my heart and showing me the truth of this life was the beginning of a profound healing journey that would take me beyond my wildest dreams! I continue shedding layers and lifetimes of programming to discover my truth.

Entheogens are not necessary to meet God. I had been looking ‘out there’ for answers that can only be found ‘in here.’ Creating time in daily life for meditation, journaling, nature walks, drumming and chanting, essential oils and conscious conversations with spiritual explorers allow me to unlock and access my own Divine truth. Making a conscious choice to step out of busy daily life, a whole universe of Divine secrets reveals itself! It is finally possible to know the God I have been searching for my whole life!

Today I have a church community I enjoy. We welcome all faiths and understand that the journey into God is a personal one. We honor you exactly where you are and see you in your Divinity. How refreshing! If you seek such a community, come and visit us at White Eagle Lodge and walk our labyrinth and sacred wildlife preserve acreage.

The most important “journey of possibilities” we ever take is the one into our own Divinity. If you want help silencing the distractions of this life and meeting your Divine self in the spaces between thoughts, or healing the trauma that may keep you more comfortable running away from yourself, I am here for you.

Sheryl Sitts, Speaker/Broadcaster, Writer & Facilitator

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