Stress related conditions account for 75 – 90% of visits to doctors. Escalating stress creates a frenzy in the nervous system. Stress accumulates unless something proactive is done to release it. Stress can produce depression and  be debilitating. Your immune system is literally hijacked by the stress response.

yellow-99334_150Hundreds of factors cause stress in our lives. There is a “cascading” effect of experiencing a series of anxieties, worries, and traumas that can rapidly cause significant disturbance to your natural balance. Did you know you can change how you react to stress? Your overall level of health and wellness can be enhanced just by having access to hypnotherapy’s side effects: stress reduction and relaxation. When you understand the toxic effects of accumulated stress in your life, it’s easy to appreciate why an accessible tool for deleting stress is vital.

While we may engage hypnosis to address a specific habit or pattern, we also routinely benefit from the stress modulating side effects of hypnosis. The nervous system is calmed, and both sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are released from “fight or flight” mode.

Why is this important? Because all of our internal functions, including the autonomic nervous system, can be brought back into balance. Our body’s inherent ability to “re-set” is invoked, and repair, regeneration, and recovery all kick in to do what is needed. All functions, including the immune system, are brought back to homeostasis, which is where they function perfectly! Natural, luminous clarity is our natural state. How much of your day do you spend perfectly balanced, clear, and highly resourceful?

The ramifications of stress modulation and release with hypnosis are significant. When you take 5 minutes every morning and afternoon to do a simple self-hypnosis relaxation, a powerful cumulative effect accrues in a very short time. This can be as simple as closing your eyes, taking 5 – 6 deep breaths, and letting go, cancelling any stressful thoughts, deleting, using any imagery that works for you. The intention is to interrupt your previous thought pattern, not solve anything or accomplish anything. So, focusing on a pleasant scene, remembering a positive moment, any thought or image that works for you to temporarily shift you into letting go is effective. Continued practice and/or work with a skilled hypnotherapist can release chronic stress patterns, open up new sources of clarity and energy, and shift long-standing obstacles.

Imagine having more balanced energy, clarity, and positive insight into all the possibilities available to you every day. Picture your abundant, enthusiastic, best version of yourself. Know it is available to you, and learning to access it readily is facilitated by hypnosis.

Ramp up performance, productivity, and morale. Dissolve obstacles. Connect with your own best vision of your empowered self.

Copyright Ingrid Zirnis Johnson 2013 (publish with her permission)

Author Bio:

Ingrid Zirnis Johnson, Certified Hypnotherapist at Z Hypnotherapy and Boulder Hypnotherapy Center, crafts your unique hypnotherapeutic sessions in person or by phone. Certified Gestalt-Based Hypnotherapist, Certified Hypno Fertility and Hypno Birth Consultant, Ingrid incorporates 20+ years of experience as a coach and natural health professional in her approach. A sustaining member of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, she also has International Certification from the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy, and Certification in Classical Homeopathy. Taking into account your learning style, priorities, and unique qualities, Ingrid provides an experience that enables your subconscious mind to bring forth your best results. Please contact us today to schedule a free initial phone consult. 303.776.8100

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