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How We Created an Economical Wedding (and Priceless Family Memories)

I submitting this when Raeshal Solomon (who empowers women financially) requested stories about weddings on a budget.  She has published my story in her blog and I invite you to enjoy one of my most precious memories (you’ll learn why in the last paragraph) and even pick up a money-saving idea or two for your own wedding or that of someone you love.  (Note: Rick and I were married 13 years, and while no longer married, we remain good friends as we continue to grow along our separate journeys.)

As two twenty-somethings in love and excited to marry, we were romance-rich and cash-poor. Living paycheck to paycheck, we set out to create a nice wedding with close friends and family without going into debt. With that intention, everything began to line up for us. Here’s how it all came together.


I chose a swirly gold cocktail ring design out of a retail catalog, and he had it set with a diamond he had already had in a ring he never wore. We knew we could always add diamonds later (and he did).  We also agreed on simple gold bands for our wedding rings.

Rick&Sheryl_WeddingPhotoWEDDING DRESS:

With no idea what type of dress I wanted, I believed I would know it when I saw it and began looking. I was shocked and delighted to discover my beautiful Victorian wedding dress in an upscale resale shop where I bought it for a fraction of what most brides pay!


We created a guest list of about 50 of our closest friends and relatives and then wrote, designed, and printed our own invitations and…(in the rest of this short story, I share how we coordinated ushers, music, flowers, reception, cakes, photography, decorations, and why this event was even more special than we’d ever imaged HERE).

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