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How Today Can Catapult (Y)Our Healing and Growth

meditationToday a very strong Light portal has opened astrologically.  This is the perfect time to find a quite place to meditate for our own individual wellness, for those we love, and for our collective human consciousness.

Don’t worry; you don’t need to take a long time to do this.  I know you’re busy!  However, consider that this time that feels like it is being spent idly sitting, is actually drawing into you an energy that will make all that you do…indeed WHO YOU ARE WILL SHIFT from this action. You don’t have to take my word for it.  Try it!  If this is a new idea for you, let me set forth a basic meditation you can follow.

Create a quiet, uninterrupted space for yourself physically and emotionally.  Align your spine at a 90-degree angle with the great central Sun and prepare to begin.  Place your hand in front of your body at crown level with eyes closed.  Slowly sweep it down like a magnet, pickup up tension, busy thoughts, stress, and distraction, and sweep all the way down to the bottom of your body, then simply release all that trapped energy into Mother Gaia.  Repeat if necessary until you are truly a still body and mind ready to begin. Then place your hands palm-up in your lap.

Visualize a beam of bright blue healing Light extending down from the heavens.  Bring that through your crown chakra of your head, and slowly visualize it coming down the center of you through each chakra.  As it passes downward, intend it into every cell of your body that it passes, until the whole of you is illumined.  The beam continues to flow energy through you as you meditate.

Pray the intention that you restore all of your cells and your DNA to perfect health.  Feel your cells beginning to heal by Divine grace.  See them perfect.  Intend the healing of your DNA strands wherever the threads have become broken, restoring your youthfulness.  Feel this happening.

Take a few moments on any parts of yourself that need special healing.  Certainly on any parts that have experienced trauma in this lifetime.  One key area will be the mind.  Focus pure love and healing on the mind to silence the fears and self-defeating beliefs.

When you feel that you are clear, restored, and renewed, sit in that state for as long as possible.  Focus on this sensation as a new default setting for you to achieve in life.

Before you conclude your meditation, turn your awareness to our collective consciousness, or the larger group soul of humanity.  Send Divine healing love and Light to those you know and love who are suffering.  Then extend it further into regions of the world in need of healing prayer.  See all restored to perfect health and harmony.  Hold that vision for humanity.

Please make time today for this healing prayer meditation for you, those you love, and our planet.  Know that the same Divine Power who created you, me, and all of this world will restore it as we awaken and ready ourselves.

Namaste and much healing love to you,

Sheryl Sitts

Founder, Journey of Possibilities ~ Visit our new Online Holistic Community!

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