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How To Speak Our Deepest Truth

Now more than ever it is imperative that we each find and stand in our own personal truth. Still, our truth often doesn’t match the truth of those we love in our life, and that makes it less than easy. This is increasing as the energy heightens our intuition and empathy.

We must be true to ourselves, for anything less results in us living others’ dreams for us instead of our own lives. Therefore, let us help one another learn ways to stand deeper in our own individual truths with as much love as possible for ourselves and those around us who love us, too.

This week, rather than writing about this topic, I’d prefer for YOU to share with us any helpful insights or experiences you’ve had with this. Specifically, how would you respond if your best friend in the world asked you:

How do you speak your truth to someone you love when you can feel it causing them anger, fear, sadness, or disappointment?

Thank you for sharing your best tips on this common challenge. For all who celebrate Thanksgiving this week, may your holiday be joyous while standing in your true and authentic self.

Namaste and much love,
Sheryl Sitts
Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer
Journey of Possibilities

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