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How to Set and Achieve Goals When Things Keep Shifting

water-1066440_960_720This morning I had a great laugh as I AGAIN caught myself updating the language I use to describe my mission and services.  As a conscious entrepreneur moving through the fluid energies of these times, I no sooner shift than things start moving again! It’s interesting trying to set and meet goals in these changing waters.

When will things settle a bit so we can catch our breath? Well, they won’t.  We are all shifting!   Becoming comfortable in this ever-changing climate means holding faith as only constant and intentionally being channels for the Highest Good to manifest through us here on Earth.

So what exactly keeps shifting? The energies coming into our planet, the energies moving through our planet and all life, and the energy moving through us!  With all that shifting, the old ways of handling things don’t work anymore.   We can set new goals and find new solutions and pathways by inviting and allowing them to show up within us.   We can also seek collaboration with like-spirited others, blending our energies to see what shows up.

How do we do all of this and manage to keep any semblance of sanity?  As crazy as it feels to laugh, I believe it’s the sanest response!  I truly believe laughter is the best medicine we have at our disposal, and I laugh at myself many times each day now.  Why do we take ourselves so seriously, anyway?  Even the most serious of work tends to move faster and get further with a healthy dose of humor.  I also surround myself with others who help me remember to laugh.  In my perspective, laughter is not the absence of reverence but a component of expressing it.

Let’s keep setting goals and shifting, setting goals and shifting, giving ourselves loving patience and understanding that these are new waters.  If all of this shifting is more stressful than funny to you, or you aren’t quite sure how to adapt to this new way of living, please reach out.  I (and my entire holistic, spiritual community) want to help you shift with more joy and ease.

With much love and gratitude,

Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Certified Holistic Coach & Practitioner

Founder, Journey of Possibilities

Shifting possibilities and perspectives in holistic, spiritual ways through private sessions, our website and Facebook community, weekly podcast, quarterly digital magazine, entrepreneurial consulting (marketing, media, digital platforms, etc.), and live gatherings.

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