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How to Reclaim Your Divine Personal Power in 6 Easy Steps

upload-5cab84f0-5562-11e7-aece-357f844b4e00We are more powerful than we ever imagine, literally pulsing with Divinely-gifted life force energy.  We are remembering ancient methods of natural healing and wellness including reiki, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, essential oils, organic foods and juices, pranic healing, myofascial release, and much more.  We continue exploring the “Law of Attraction” to see how our thoughts and words actually create our reality.   We are reorienting to our bodies as compasses wherein pain becomes a messenger rather than something to silence pharmaceutically.  We are reorganizing so our minds serve our hearts rather than the other way around.  In all of these shifts, we discover more joy, better health, and the ease with which our purpose finds and manifests through us once we quit trying to hunt it down like prey.

As fun as it is to experience this “awakening”, these are still early chapters in an extensive journey into our individual and collective possibilities for creating love, Light, peace, joy, and heaven on Earth.  As we recognize all that is already GOoD, we create still more, for what we focus on expands.  As “spiritual beings having a human experience” (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin), creators in skin, gods-becoming throughout generations, we are discovering and using our Divinely-gifted powers for good.  This is the ultimate hero’s journey!


Finally we begin to tire of our unconscious role-playing games about who owns the most land, which political leader or religious dogma can recruit the most followers, what company is wealthiest and most influential, or which family builds the best American Dream.  Damage to our precious planet from all this war and consumerism is extensive, so it’s definitely time to create a new game.

The time has come to remember who we are and reconnect more intimately with Mother Earth, loving and nurturing her back to health after our long brutal attack.  It’s time to set a higher objective and be a force for love and peace, beginning within ourselves and then letting that radiate forth into the world naturally.  Below are a few ideas to get started.

6 Steps to Reclaiming Our Divine Personal Power

1. Slow Down.  Creating a quiet, peaceful time at the beginning or end of each day is a great first step.  Take a walk in nature alone… click HERE to continue reading this article in the latest issue of Journey of Possibilities digital magazine featuring Dr. Sam and the Bosnian Pyramids and so much more!

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