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How to Move Thru Fear Into Your Dreams

Soaring-Eagle-1Following my passions this past year__launching my own business, healing deep inner wounds, and keeping up with my house and financial responsibilities as a single woman along the way__has been a beautiful yet scary journey into my deepest insecurities.  I quickly learned to give the reigns to God each morning, but by the next morning, or sometimes even the next hour, I’d discovered I’d taken them back again!  How on earth does anyone move through all the doubts and fears our minds so busily create?

Meditating every morning helps tremendously.  It’s so important in fact that we’d be foolish to consider it optional.  If only for fifteen minutes a day to start, training our runaway minds  to settle down is very important.  If we do not calm that wild beast, it will run away with our dreams before we ever have a chance to pursue them.  The mind wants to be in charge, yet its highest good to us is as a loyal servant to spirit.   Meditation reinforces that.

It is equally essential to reprogram our silly negative mind chatter!  Every time we hear ourselves thinking or saying that we can’t/don’t/won’t, we should tell our mind to ‘shut up in there’, and quickly replace that statement with a positive.  Our thoughts create our reality, so we must diligently reprogram them to reflect the life we want, not simply the stories we’ve adopted over time.

It is really all about building new thought patterns and habits that will transform our insecurities so that we will become our own best friend!  This video has other good tips:

Go after those dreams, and stick with it!  Don’t be someone we hear about who quit just before success burst through.  It does get easier, and you become a better person in the process.  Know that you are absolutely worth it, and everyone will benefit as you confidently bring forth your gifts into the world!


Sheryl Sitts
Journey of Possibilities

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