belly-2473_640Losing weight may seem like a very easy thing when you are told to just eat right and exercise more, and while you may succeed at it, the challenge comes in where you have to maintain the newly acquired weight. Many people lose weight, but just as many pile it back on and then rush to the gym to try to take it off again. So how can you succeed at weight loss and make it permanent? Here’s how:

Don’t Go For Short Term Diets

People like quick-fix diets because of the allure of fast weight loss, but if you have been struggling with weight issues and you now want to maintain what you have been working for, such diets cannot help you. For effective weight management, you have to adopt a diet that incorporates a complete healthy eating program. This means picking the right food choices and eating smaller food portions throughout as well as getting an exercise program that matches your lifestyle and goals.

Record Your Calorie Intake

A journal can help you track the number of calories you consume everyday so you don’t exceed the recommended amount. You can begin keeping such information by noting down what you eat each day for at least seven days – you have to try to make the records as accurate as possible. Ideally, you should use measurements where you can and also look up nutritional data about what you consume when you eat out. Once you do this for a week, you can look at the totals of the calories you have consumed and then get an average so you have a rough idea about your daily calorie consumption.

Set Clear Goals

Regardless of what you want to achieve in your life, you have to begin by setting goals and having clear objectives on how to achieve it, and this shouldn’t be an exception when it comes to matters of weight loss. You may have a short term goal such as wearing a particular outfit to a wedding or you may have a long term one of just being healthy and feeling confident. Whichever the case, such goals will always help you maintain your desired weight. In case you are tempted to go and do what you know you shouldn’t, you can remind yourself of the many benefits you will gain by maintain a leaner you.

Take a Slow and Steady Approach

With crash diets, you can lose weight very fast; but in doing so, you will also find that maintaining your new weight will be hard, hence all the lost weight may eventually pile back on. To avoid such problems, you should target to lose only two pounds every week so that the dieting doesn’t take a toll on your overall health. When you shed the weight too fast, you may end up feeling too tied and sluggish and this will keep you from maximizing on your regimen.

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