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How to Hear God’s Voice Every Day (In Unexpected Ways)

calm-watersGod speaks to us every day as The Universe attempts to have a conversation with us, yet most of it passes us by unnoticed. We are no longer taught this language and so we cannot hear it.  There are many ways we can open ourselves to it and see how this will enrich our life beyond measure. It’s funny how often we pray and then miss the answer because we don’t slow down enough to receive it or learn all the ways we are getting these answers every day.

The Native Americans knew that when we seeing more of a particular bird, insect, or animal in our daily path meant we were attracting that ‘animal’s medicine’ to teach us a certain character trait that would be helpful to us at that time.  For example, a sudden infestation of ants into your yard and home may be telling you about more than weather conditions.  Try Googling “animal medicine ___” (or whatever your animal/insect/bird may be) and read about what they can guide us with to help us through a current situation or challenge.

Our bodies are the physical manifestation of whatever is going on inside us emotionally.  When we have a loss or deep pain from a relationship that we unable or unwilling to heal, we ‘stuff’ it somewhere in our body and try to forget about it.  The longer that solidifying energy remains stuck inside us, the worse we feel.   It would be one thing if we did this once in our lives, but we do throughout life!  More and more of our body turns to aches and pains, our bodies ‘age’ and we are less comfortable within our skin.  As these areas begin to hurt worse signaling us to work through the pain, we instead go to physicians and get pills for our ‘illness’ that is in fact becoming true sickness and may ultimately kill us if unattended.  Energy workers can help us begin to dissolve these areas and move the energy for us to again face the pain to learn the life lesson contained within it and release the pain.  Pills or addictive behaviors temporarily numb the symptoms, surgery removes masses, but the cure is healing that wound permanently.  Again, try Googling “metaphysical meaning ______” with whatever recurring ailment you may have and see what your body might be telling you!

Have you noticed how that certain annoying type of person keeps showing up in your life?  You get away from one and another comes along just like them? How frustrating!  The truth is they will keep showing up until we finally work through whatever annoys us and heal it.  Then the pattern is broken and life shifts.  By avoiding these people, we only prolong the lesson we’re meant to experience.

We cannot hear nature communicate with us or grow from the lessons it brings until we slow down and listen. Some ways we can attune ourselves to it are:

  • Step out. Take a nature walk to silently observe nature and reflect inward. Kayak and drift upon the water in silence for a bit. Camp and commune with nature.  Sit in a field of flowers or lean up against an old, wise tree, allowing your energy to flow into this plant life and Mother Earth, and its love to flow into you.
  • Shhhh.  Turn off the gadgets and be still. Formal meditation is great, but simply being still begins to heighten our awareness.
  • Notice. Open yourself to new and wondrous ways that all life may be communicating with you.  Notice how animals react to you and the energy you emit. Play with your intuition and telepathy by attempting to read another person’s energy/emotion and then check in to confirm how accurate you are.  We all have gifts we don’t begin to use…including the power to heal ourselves.
  • Meditate. Simply begin with 5 minutes a day.  Don’t wait until your mind is quiet to begin. That is like waiting until your bank account has money in it to go to work and earn money. Just begin. Add a few minutes a day/week until you are practicing 30 minutes a day and you’ll be amazed at how much more centered, peaceful, confident, and effective you’ll be.
  • Connect. Meet other like-minded people seeking this path and get to know them through spiritual centers, meditation or exercise groups, etc. Inspire and challenge one another to live more fully and be present.

Life is indeed a magical conversation with the Divine.  Enjoy all that it has to share with you and watch yourself expand in ways you haven’t even imagined!


Sheryl Sitts, Chief Inspirational Officer

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