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How to Get Through Pain Quickly (and Raise Your Consciousness, Too)

movingenergyWith life moving faster and energies accelerating, we really are shifting dimensions.  So how can that help us when we feel pain or find ourselves in an unexpected problem?  Instead of grabbing for the quick fix in a pain reliever or hurrying up and using credit to quickly move through an unexpected situation, what if we learn to first ask what this particular pain or problem can teach us?  I don’t believe all of life happens just to make the unpleasant parts go away faster and the fun parts last longer.  There’s so much more possible in this game of life!

Whether we have pain or ‘sickness’ appearing in some part of our bodies or something major breaks in our daily lives (air conditioner, heater, our car, etc), we have gotten very accustomed to doing whatever we can to make the problem go away quickly so we can get back to our daily routine and having fun.  This is always an option, but I’ve learned that when we are being guided in a life lesson and shrug it off too quickly, it returns more intensely to get our attention.  Wouldn’t it be easier to learn to dance with life as it unfolds, being conscious and getting all that we can from every experience?

Now when something unexpected happens, whether it’s a pain in my body, an illness, a relationship situation, a transition, or a life event, I get much more connected with Spirit and begin to ask my guidance to help me see more clearly what’s going on here.  I soak in baths, take long walks in nature, meditate, and tone or paint freely to help move the energy through my body while asking for insights.  They come.  Boy do they come! I journal and take the best care of myself and, if it’s a financial lesson, as I’m learning it I ask for miracles.  They come, too!  I become much more of the observer of what’s happening to and around me, as well as staying in my body to take care of myself and respond to the Universe.  In short, I expand into more of myself.  That’s what we’re all here to be doing now.  It’s an incredible journey and makes life ten times richer than it is if we merely grab for aspirin, antibiotics, and credit cards to move through things faster and more comfortably.

Here’s the great irony.  When we are conscious in a situation and getting all we can out of these life experiences and lessons, they also move away much more quickly and easily from our lives.  We don’t need all that extra stuff because we are literally moving the energy ourselves.  I believe this is at the heart of healing and loving ourselves more fully.  I’m also here to lend you a hand any time I can to help you see more clearly what’s happening, learn to see all the signs you may not be noticing, strengthen your intuition, support you with energy work, and much more!

Namaste and much love,

Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Holistic Coach & Practitioner

Founder, Journey of Possibilities

Connecting, inspiring, and empowering women to redefine themselves in holistic, spiritual ways and make a bigger difference in the world

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