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How to Find Our Real Power by Slowing Down

meditation-techniquesAfter years of moving through my life at a fast and deliberate pace, I have spent the last couple of years discovering the power of meditation for clarity and purpose.   When I discuss this with people, most respond with comments about how they could never get their mind to be still for that long, or how they don’t really have the time.  Believe me, those were my exact feelings about it!  Ironically, it is the very act of meditation that will train the mind to be still, so our job is to make that daily commitment and keep showing up.  Thankfully, the benefits occur long before we ever perfect our practice!

If you would like to try meditation, there is a wealth of information online and many guided meditations for you to begin.  All you need is 20 minutes once or twice a day, and you can work up to that!  I’ve found a couple of articles to help you get started.   Terri Cole wrote Flexing Your Mindfulness Muscle on Positively Positive,  and Davidji (popular speaker on  Hay House Radio) shared Meditation: As Taught by Someone in the Real World.

We are complex creatures who can easily get so caught up in our own thoughts, experiences, and stories that we can soon get stuck in patterns that don’t serve us well or allow us full freedom of expression.  Then there’s the busyness that consumes us until minutes turn into hours, days, or weeks spent reacting to life rather than consciously creating our soul purpose.  Meditation is a way to reset ourselves from all of that, sweeping everything off the surface of that proverbial cluttered desk so we can begin anew with clearer intention.  We accomplish more and our lives shift into proactive creation.

Please let me know if you find this helpful to you in beginning your own meditation practice, or share other effective meditation links below.


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