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How to Come Home to Yourself: Self-Love & Self-Healing


Have you had a love-hate relationship with your body? Me, too.  Yesterday as it rained outside I went in to take a nice long soaking bath.  Relaxing to the patter of raindrops, I reflected upon my 52-year love/hate (mostly hate) journey with this body.  Maybe it was the feminine energy of all that water, but I felt guided to say the ho’oponopono prayer (I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you) to every part of my body.  I went slowly and said it with all my heart, pausing to feel how each response, and then sending all the love and healing energy I could to restore and revitalize that part of myself.  I cried.  I smiled,  I had all sorts of emotions.  I honestly relaxed into myself in a way I never have before.  Then I felt a restored flow of energy.  It was amazing!

If you feel guided to try this, I highly recommend it and would love to hear about your experience!  Comment below or send me a private message.

Our bodies are miracles that serve us throughout our lives on this planet!  How can there be anything wrong with them?

With love and gratitude,
Sheryl Sitts, Holistic Spiritual Speaker, Coach, & Practitioner
Founder of Journey of Possibilities

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