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How Can You Help Bring Peace During These Shifting Times? Join Our Global Meditation!

How can you help raise the vibration on Earth?  to bring peace?  to help end the suffering?

Only the vibration of love will bring the healing and peace we crave.  Infusing light and unconditional love into the crystals throughout our earth to raise her frequency then infuses our food and water and soil with the same and we breathe it, eat it, absorb it and radiate love back out.  Can you visualize it?  Imagine if many of us sent out that frequency together across the planet at the same time!

On August 11, 2011 at 1:11 PM we are co-creating a celebration under similar galactic alignments to those of the original Harmonic Convergence 30 years ago which we call Harmonic Convergence 333 (numerologically the date, time, and number of years of the anniversary all reduce to 3, 3, and 3).  My friend and Starseed Healer Eva Marquez and I, a Holistic Spiritual Speaker, Coach and Practitioner invite you to join us from wherever you are in the world at 1:11 (intention of synchronicity is all that matters; time zones are irrelevant since time is made up and it is always NO TIME).  Meditate alone or join others to co-create an event.  Several events are listed on our website and in our Facebook group and I welcome you to join me at our event in Texas!

You can download our meditation in English and the Language of Light from my events page to take with you out “to the boonies” or you can play the one below from my YouTube channel (click HERE to subscribe to my channel and check out my videos) if you are within range of a WIFI or mobile signal.  If you’d prefer, create your own meditative prayer to infuse the whole of the earth, and especially her crystals with unconditional love and Light and send that vibration throughout the Earth and all life.

There is more Light coming into the planet all the time.  We are raising the vibration and we are experiencing more and more shifts in consciousness as we learn to release the old ways and receive these new frequencies with compassion, grace, and gratitude.  The most important thing is to trust our hearts and our intuition and love ourselves and one another through these incredible times.  The old ways only stay alive if we perpetuate them.  It is time for a new way of thinking.  A new way of being.  A new Earth co-created in love.  If I can help you in your journey, I am always here for you!  Namaste.

With love and gratitude,
Sheryl Sitts, Holistic Spiritual Speaker, Writer, & Practitioner
Journey of Possibilities Founder

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