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How Balancing Your Masculine and Feminine Energies Improves Intimacy

balance-21545_640 There’s a lot of talk about the new age of the Divine Feminine, goddess energy, and the end of the male Piscean energy.  While some interpret this as a time when women will rule and men will become subservient, there is a larger call to action here for all of us and gender isn’t the issue.

Each and every one of us has a masculine and feminine aspect of power.  Learning to balance these two immense sources of power within each of our bodies is our soul’s Journey toward perfect expression in an imperfect world.  I’ll briefly explain here and encourage you to read more on this if you find it of interest.

The masculine is about forceful externalized strength.  Our society has come to depict it as a warrior beating his chest at the end of a victory battle.  It is that strong sense of conviction within each of us that holds true to our convictions and boldly speaks and acts to advance and/or protect them.  This part of us sees every other as an individual competing for limited resources on this earth.  It is ego.

The feminine is the power of nurturing, unconditional love and creation.  This aspect of ourselves brings new visions and creative energy to all that we do.  This aspect of ourselves is depicted as the loving mother caring for self and all others.  Our feminine within sees us all as one and every other as a mirror of an aspect of ourselves and our humanity.  It is heart.

In every situation and relationship, challenges arise for our own evolution.  Rather than choosing to honor the masculine or the feminine, bringing in both energies changes everything.  No longer is everything “love” or “war”.  All is love as we learn to balance expressing our truth in each moment with staying in an open heart space and doing all with unconditional love.

I have been playing with these concepts and balance a lot in the past few weeks.  I don’t claim it’s easy to do right away, and like everything we make mistakes along the way. Sometimes we’re so assertive and strong in our expression that they don’t feel our love enough and we push them away. When this happens, an apology is in order!  (If they don’t accept it, then that is about them and we learn more about loving unconditionally without expectation.)  If we are too soft, they don’t even hear our truth and we feel hurt.  Instead of feeling like they are purposefully ignoring us, we can assume we weren’t assertive enough and return to the conversation with more direct yet still loving expression.

When we get it just right, we take our relationships (romantic, friendship, and family) to depths we cannot imagine until we experience it. Difficult relationships and conversations become easier.  We attract other authentic people.   Others feel safe to express themselves more fully with us, and we are free to explore our truth and feel more supported to fully explore our life purpose.  Learning to fully express unconditional love and authenticity creates healthier relationships with ourselves and those around us.

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