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How 15 Minutes and a Journal Help Us (Re)Discover Our True Purpose

dab-93944_640Yesterday one of my friends who has always seemed to know me better than I know myself asked me some questions I often ask others but hadn’t recently asked myself.  These are the really important questions. Am I really/still living my truest passion?  Have I deviated somewhere?  How deeply happy am I?  Am I staying in this house/job/etc. to please my heart or my head?  Am I being driven in my biggest decisions by passion or money?

How wonderful that even those of us who serve others have people in our lives who regularly remind us to revisit these important questions ourselves.  Days turn into weeks…even months before we know it, and all along that way circumstances have been changing, and so have we.  These are questions to purposefully ask ourselves on a regular basis!

Starting/ending a business, marriage/divorce, (not) having children, moving to a new place, changing jobs/careers or hobbies…all of these great changes in our lives come from asking ourselves such questions and being very open and honest when we feel the answers.  We also know if our heart is not on board with what our head tells us, the decisions we make in that space will not lead us to lasting happiness.  The heart truly is our compass to navigate a life path of our Highest Good.

The planetary energy is ideal this weekend for these questions, too.  We must also give ourselves the space and permission to bravely hear and acknowledge our own personal truth when we sense it.  We may feel like we’re neglecting our responsibilities to sit and meditate with these questions and journal/converse openly about our answers, but truly what could we do with our time that is more important?!  Even if we are taking care of others, we will quickly grow resentful and lead them into our path of misery if we do not find and honor our deepest authenticity.

I pray you will create the time and space to meditate with me on these kinds of questions for yourself, too.  Start this weekend!  Meditate and journal.  Be patient and do this every day for a while.  Watch what surfaces.  You deserve to realign regularly to your true Purpose for Being.  We all do!  See you in the etheric.

Namaste and much love,

Sheryl Sitts, Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer
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