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Hiding In Plain Sight

How EXCITING; I FINALLY found it!  There I was, waiting patiently for God to answer my prayers, and the answer was already right there in the place I was least willing to look!  Ah yes, isn’t that how it usually works?  That which we refuse to let go of blocks us from our own joy and success.  Here’s my story…

While Journey of Possibilities will always have an inspirational Facebook page here to help us all renew, there is more to it.  Ten years ago as I finished my BA in family communication, I had my first vision of Journey of Possibilities.  I sat with families and individuals in beautiful nature while we worked together through many of the same challenges I’ve faced.   More visions through time reached a pinnacle last year as I met exciting new people to help me expand it, and found I’d been laid off from work.  However, the WHERE remained a mystery.  I trusted God to deliver, but wondered when.  I also dreaded the idea of buying, building, and managing a place.

When I sold the home I’d hoped to grow old in during my divorce, my broken heart was not into searching for a new one.  My spirit navigated, and I kept returning to this quiet rural subdivision I’d seen before.  One day, continuing further down a dead-end than we’d done previously in an attempt to turn around and leave again empty-handed, we passed a grove of trees and stumbled upon my house.  I knew God had led me home.

I have really found peace here.  There is only one neighbor who has been a challenge, and it salted a very old wound when they glossed over their negative behavior by blessing others and displaying crosses like immunity badges.  Needless to say, I have avoided these people and their aggressive pets to the best of my ability, and deliberately do not look down at their end of the road anymore.

Back to Journey (trust me, it all ties together amazingly), I’ve resigned myself to renting facilities for events until we can find and fund our own place.  I scheduled yet another visit to a retreat center nearby (White Eagle Lodge), and discovered this one is very close indeed.  Arriving, I fell in love.   I had found a place so perfect I knew I was again home.    We laughed that if my street punched through where it is now a dead-end, I lived less than a mile away.  We tried to get bearings on my house from there, but I only had a general idea.  As I left, I basked in how we equally wanted to work together.  Divinely perfect!

Two days later, I returned from my morning walk.  As I topped the hill to my house, I reluctantly looked toward ‘that’  end of my street, three lots down from my home.  There shining clearly just above my neighbor’s cross archway I could now clearly see the center…

It is always my  hope that something of my journey may be of help to you in yours.   My lesson:  trust God and look past the negativity.

Namaste fellow Journeyer,

Sheryl Sitts

Founder &  Chief Inspirational Officer

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