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Grief – An Important Expression of Love

gardenwaterfallThis has been a week of loss for me.  One person I love dearly passed away and then we celebrated the life of another and committed his ashes.  Although I know their spirits now soar in a beautiful space, I am sad.  I miss enjoying them here with skin on!   In this age of technology, knowing that I cannot pick up the phone and hear their voice is a constant reminder that they are no longer here.  Feeling their absence through their loved ones leaves a profound void in this place where there energy once radiated.

When we experience loss, there are a myriad of feelings.  Although the most commonly expressed appears to be sorrow through many tears, there is a joy beneath our sadness.  There would not be tears without love, and the more tears and sorrow we feel, the more love was present.  Beyond that, we exchange much more love as others who care reach out with comforting words or touch.  We gather to share memories with others we love and have not seen in a while, and we even meet new interesting people who also cared for our loved ones while hearing aspects of their lives we didn’t know while they were alive.  At the foundation of everything in our awareness for these days is a river of beautiful love.

Often when we feel sad, we’re tempted to push it aside or get busy and not feel it.  It’s hard to feel sorrow, yet if we don’t it will simply become stuck energy somewhere in our bodies that make us sick later until we release it.  Why not view grief as a testament to the beautiful love we have explored here and express it freely as such?

Feeling emotions is quite possibly our greatest human gift.  Think about it: we do not feel unless we care.  (The opposite of love is not antipathy but hate, making even hatred a face of love.)  Grief is love missed.  What could we possibly do that is more beautiful than feeling and expressing love?  Could someone please pass me another tissue?



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