What is Graphology? Well, Graphology is called out to be the study of handwriting with the aim of getting maximum knowledge about the writer. Graphology somewhat differs from a forensic document analysis where they scrutinize the handwriting of a document by analyzing it. Graphology puts emphasis on the psychology of the author, while a forensic document analysis is very important to determine the validity of a document. Graphologists have a belief that the handwriting of a person can open up a great deal of knowledge about the author of a particular document.

Graphology PictureApart from this, Graphology provides an opportunity for them to discover the depths of the author’s subconscious. The Graphologists take care of a lot of things while examining an author’s document by taking a close look at the angle of the letters, the pressure, and the slant of the writing along with the shape of all the letters. For instance, many Graphologists believe that the hard pressure relates to the anger or emotional distress or a kind of mental instability is indicated by the letters which trail off at the end.

The idea which lies behind this concept of Graphology is that the subconscious often come in through writing. A trained Graphologist is supposed to draw near accurate conclusions about the author by examining the style of writing of the people and also how they use the language.

There are three approaches of Graphology such as Integrative Graphology, Holistic Graphology and the Symbolic Graphology. Integrative Graphology tells specific strokes, which are used while writing relate to the personality traits of the author. Moreover, systems that are involved in this are fixed signs, trait stroke, Graph analysis and French System. The second approach of Graphology called Holistic Graphology that is related to as Gestalt Graphology.

The Gestalt Graphology was a handwriting analysis system, which was developed in the year 1915 in Germany. This approach tells about the profile which is based on form, movement and space. In Symbolic Analysis, one is supposed to look for the symbols which are seen in the handwriting. This can be either Minor Symbolism or Major Symbolism. Major Symbolism is related to the stroke which is related to the page while Minor Symbolism is related to the stroke which depends upon the picture which is drawn by the stroke. The theory of Symbolic analysis absorbs the theory of both Holistic Graphology as well as Integrative Graphology.

Although, the ability of Graphology in probing into the depths of a mind is questionable, yet this form of handwriting analysis actually proves to be useful. People are giving so much importance to the science of Graphology in the present era as it can really reveal about a person to some extent and we get to know a bunch of personality traits of an author. This is really a very interesting thing to formulate an opinion about a person on the basis of merely examining his or her handwriting but it can really give fruitful results at the end.

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