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Gone to… the Amazon?!

How does life flow when we tell God we’re ready to jump off a cliff and fly?  Let’s just say I’m flying all the way to the Peruvian Amazon this weekend, and as recently as last month that wasn’t even on my radar!

This week I share the amazing story of this opportunity and the cross I had to lay down to embrace it on Linda Ballesteros‘ blog Powerful Voice to Grow.  Find my story at A Bigger Leap of Faith Brings Bigger Dreams to Life and be sure to let Linda and me know you thoughts after you read it.  Linda is a beautiful spirit and I know you’ll find other articles of interest on her blog site and in her radio broadcast.

Don’t forget to enter your email address on our own home page to get your free copy of my EBook How to Jump Off a Cliff and Fly!  Read it today and start to bring your dreams to life!

I look forward to sharing more of my adventure with you when I return.  Until then… Namaste.

Yours in Spirit,

Sheryl Sitts

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