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God’s Reassurances (When Seemingly Random Stars Align)

In the year since I have been following the Path of my deepest dreams, stumbling along in blind Faith as one row of bricks is revealed at a time, there are moments when lifelong human insecurities creep in and I wonder if I’ve somehow inadvertently veered off course.  It is during these ‘dry spell’ times when I pray that God hasn’t forgotten about me over here Journeying in my own proverbial wilderness.  Right when I need it most, I get a Divine response.  Now is one of those times when my reassurance is so strong I awoke at 4:30 this morning compelled to share this with you.

As I shared with you previously, Journey of Possibilities has been unfolding in pieces of visions over the past ten years.  As I now work to put together the first spiritual nature retreat, I am personally confronting some of my deepest shadow beliefs learned in childhood and I have been craving spiritual affirmation that I all is well for things to unfold now.  (Isn’t it sad how often we need this as humans?)

A few months ago I was at a conference in The Woodlands and met a shining spirit almost gliding about as she displayed her artwork.  Drawn to her, we met and I learned that she had actually left behind all of her worldly possessions in Houston, Texas and gone abroad on faith in pursuit of establishing a loving community.  A few weeks later I met her again and purchased her book The Journey of the Jewel to read about this adventure.  I finally began reading her tale last week, a bit each night at bedtime.

By Page 11, I had my first affirmation as she wrote about how everyone in the book appears under a fictional name except for her intuitive mentor and another coach she met at the onset of her journey by the name of Mattison Grey.  I had the pleasure of meeting Mattison at a dynamic collaborative event in Houston a few months back and she had such a strong and Divine spirit that I felt an instant connection.  Mattison told me about a ranch near my home that might be a great fit for my retreats, and although it did not feel like the right space when I visited, I connected strongly with the owner and know we have future collaborative potential.  Now here I was reading about Mattison in this book!

Last night, I almost dropped the book as I reached Page 49.  The other person named throughout her book is her intuitive mentor Zoe who was now advising her.  “Why don’t you go to St. John’s in Montgomery, north of Houston, for a visit?  There’s a temple where people gather for meditation in profoundly deep energy…Inside the round chapel in the star shaped ceiling over head, light poured in through the colored glass.  We were invited to sit or lay down as we like.  Then a woman seated in the circle gave us brief instructions, turned on some meditative music, and let the divine energy take over.  As I felt myself go deeper and deeper into the velvety energy…suddenly a light descended to take away (my) fear, and I felt completely comfortable…When I came back into my body, I realized I was being prepared for my journey.  I stepped out into the country road, walking so lightly and feeling the color of nature enter me in new dimensions.”

Annie had visited the very spot I recently discovered quite near my home for our spiritual nature retreats!  The Star Center of the Americas, also known as White Eagle Lodge, is home to the St. John round chapel that she described at its entrance.  I was simultaneously filled with excitement and Peace, and when I was finally able to drift off to sleep an hour later, enjoyed wonderful dreams and the most rest I’ve gotten in weeks.

As my angel sister Sherrie and I began to talk about the agenda for our first retreat last week, one person came to mind as a perfect Light to guide our Creative Dance session.  I plan to call Annie today and invite her to be a part of this, and I know when she learns of our location, she’ll simply glow.

Journey in Faith, dear friend.  Know that you are exactly where you should be, that all is well, and that the Miracles you seek are already in motion, and that you are part of that Divine Miracle.  Namaste!

Yours in Spirit,

Sheryl Sitts, Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer

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