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Giving Thanks As A Habit Not a Holiday

“Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way” ~ Native American Saying

This quote was on the wall at a body shop where I was awaiting an estimate to replace my headlight kit from clipping a deer late the night before.  I was so sick about my failed attempts not to hit the deer and how I’d done harm to a life now in pain (he lived) because of me that I’d been in an unshakeable funk.  Nonetheless these words shook me on a deeper level about life as a whole.  Pondering that sign, I considered Martha Beck’s words at a conference earlier in the week about how are built to worry, to which I’d considered how nonchalantly we share our worries with others as a normal state of being.  Why don’t we treat blessings the way we do worries?

I need land and a building to start the Journey of Possibilities center here in Texas.  God has shown me a beautiful vision and attracted people to me who are now WAITING for this vision to become a reality!  From the day of that vision, every day has been an opportunity to be grateful that this blessing is coming.  Instead, I often catch myself worrying in thought and conversation about how I can get there.  This is typically treated as normal, both by me and others.  However, on other occasions when I share that I am so excited to have a center opening in the future, and as they learn I don’t have the resources, they look at me skeptically as if I’m a liar!  Rarely does someone remind me to stay positive and know that it’s coming, and it’s a stretch from there to actually be THANKFUL for what is not yet materialized, yet THIS IS THE ROOT OF THE LAW OF ATTRACTION!

What better week than Thanksgiving to consciously shift our awareness when we recognize a thought of fear or worry, and shift to one of thankfulness.  One way to catch ourselves is surround ourselves with others who will remind us, by sharing this message with your friends and family, so they can catch you!  Let’s shift our thoughts and thus our lives, one appreciated blessing at a time…before they appear!

Yours in Spirit,

Sheryl Sitts, Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer

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