gemstonesOur human existence has always benefited from meditation practices. It invokes our mind, soul, and body to set them free. In absolute terms, meditation is all about relaxing the mind and flushing out negativity from our whole being. It refreshes and untangles the mind. When combined with sparkling gemstones, meditation becomes a powerful tool to attain our spiritual goals. Gems can deepen a meditation practice with an enhanced level of awakening and insight. It also gives a meditational thump by arousing the chakras in our body.

Crystals or gemstones are highly beneficial to attain the desired outcome from your meditation. But the question here is which gemstone and how to use it in meditation?

Best Gemstones for Meditation: 

Generally, any gemstone can be used for meditating but specifically speaking, quartz stones are considered the best for this purpose.

Quartz Stones:  The most astounding feature of quartz stones is that they can be adjusted to your meditative goal. It can enhance and channelize the energy stored in other gemstones to take your meditation on a higher level of attainment. It works with crown chakra for opening up all your psychic centers with ease.

Amethyst: It is highly revered for being an exceptional gem for meditational practices. It stimulates third eye chakra and calms you completely in terms of emotions, physique, mind, and spirituality.

Apart from these, you can used many other stones like citrine for happiness, selenite for complete relaxation, aquamarine to contemplate self awareness, fluorite for better concentration, jade for serenity, lapis lazuli for focus, opal for channelizing imagination, moonstone for peace of mind, and blue sapphire for evoking a deeper thought process.

Whatever gemstone you use, it should be smooth enough to hold in your palm. Any pointed edge of gem should be facing inside to pass its energy into your system. Once you have chosen your crystal, you must know how to use it in your daily meditation hours.

Prepare Your Crystals: 

For a deeper meditation, you must prepare your gemstone in advance. It begins with thorough cleansing of the gemstone. You can cleanse them in a singing bowl, by keeping in rice, placing under white light or washing in milk. Once cleansed, your gems are ready to assist you in your spiritual sojourn.

You can hold them in your hand or place at a position to match your eye level. You can also make a stone grid on your body by placing them on the points where they can invoke chakras for spiritual healing. I prefer holding them tightly in my palm to feel them throughout the session.

Focus Your Mind On Its Energy: 

Once you are in close company of your loved gems, share your thoughts and your wishes with them. Feel your soul getting encased in their aura. Feel its energy seeping into your mind and body.

How to Meditate With These Lovely Gemstones: 

There is never an ideal way to meditate. It is more about your own perception of your surrounding environment and finding peace within your soul. But still, here is a guide for beginners who want to start meditating with gems:

  • Find a quiet and comfortable spot to meditate. It may be a pillow or a chair with comfortable seating. Sit upright to let the flow of energy move smoothly without any hindrances.
  • After settling down, hold the gemstone in your palm or keep it nearby to concentrate on its energy.
  • Close your eyes and breathe deeply while feeling the energy of gemstones getting inside your senses and filling up your mind. Relax and let it drown you completely in its energy pool.
  • Again, pass on your intention, dreams, and desires to the gemstones assuming that they are listening to you with all attention. Stay in this position till your mind gets completely relaxed.
  • Take slow breaths and synchronize your mind with the energy levels of this gemstone. At the end of this session, thank your gemstone for its aid in your spiritual awakening.
  • Take some deep breaths, open your eyes, and feel the world around you.

You will experience your anomalies dwindling out with the sparkling shine of gems permeating your body and soul. Believe me, this journey will open up many avenues in your thought process and help you evolve spiritually into a better human being.

About the Author:  I’m Aditi, a passionate blogger; I enjoy my work and believe there is always a lot to discover in the world of Internet. In my free time, I like to dive into various activities such as discovering something new, traveling to new places and hanging out with my friends. My mantra to stay happy: Life is a carnival and I’m here to live every moment! Keep calm and enjoy the show.
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