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Finding Our Purpose

Vacationing with my best friend, we attended a small Texas town festival together yesterday.  I really enjoyed meeting some of the vendors and sharing my intention and business cards with a few.  My friend later told me I am “always thinking about Journey.”

She is right!

When the idea for Journey of Possibilities first came into my awareness, I marveled at how it so perfectly tied together all the fragments of my life that had previously seemed so random and disjointed.  The entirety of my existence made sense!  This is a natural extension of me and I am humbled and infinitely grateful for my Path to be revealed.  Even the planning process is a joy!  Normally quite impatient about things, I have so much Peace and Patience (yes, it is obviously of Divine origin and needs to be capitalized) about it.  I really do KNOW that it will all come together in God’s perfect way…if I can simply stay OUT of the way and let it flow.

How did I find this?  What can I share with those who are still looking for their Purpose?  One word:  surrender.  Over the past few years I have been consciously focusing on letting it flow, but I still had resistance.  Not until I allowed for truly anything to be possible did Journey reveal itself.

As spiritual as I am privately, I have always been just that about it: private!  Now I know I’m meant to share my Journey through the many faces of heaven and hell on earth so that it may touch others.

I’d dropped 90% of my resistance and become disappointed and upset that God didn’t reveal my Purpose.  My best helpful hint from this Lesson is to fully, completely surrender.  Let it flow!  Be open to whatever, wherever, whenever, with whomever.  Allow God to show you a life more amazing than you’d ever imagined for yourself, and then let the Divine drive for a change!

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