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Feeling Stuck? How I Found My Groove

Boy did I get stuck in the final weeks of 2012.  As our energy levels were being raised further, I kept hearing how the old ways will no longer work and we must move into new ways of being.  We will be shown almost instantaneously whether we are going the right direction or not.  Believe me, I quickly realized I wasn’t!

The special event I’d created before Thanksgiving to carry me through the holidays was nonexistent.  I’m not talking about lower sales than I’d expected.  I’m saying I had NO sales!  I’d done everything as I had with successful events, so I couldn’t understand what was wrong.  This kind of ‘failure’ soon leads us into self-doubt, and when I continued asking Spirit for direction to co-create abundance, I was instead shown that I already had more abundance all around me than I appreciated.  My home was full of items I rarely acknowledged or enjoyed, and I’d resumed squandering money on take-out food and other things without even really appreciating the food, nutrition, or my body.  Going deeper into gratitude allowed me to see and release what I wasn’t really enjoying or appreciating, including many family heirlooms I’d inherited in the past.  I could sell these beautiful items to others who really would love them, best honoring them and myself in the process.  That’s exactly what I did,  and that money carried me through my difficult time.  To my delight, I’d learned about gratitude and abundance while also creating a wonderful new energy flow through my home rearranging and appreciating all I’d retained.  I was reminded that stuff has energy, and releasing excess and all that we don’t really love and appreciate can create space for fresh energy and a new flow to a place.

Back to my events and income generation…at a pivotal time in this process, I was guided to watch a special by Andrrea Hess that really resonated with me.  She discussed allowing more flexibility in our work to respond to the energy of the moment, and following Spirit guidance in every moment regardless of how  brain/ego may judge the messages we are receiving.  When I really opened after Andrrea’s webinar to seek deeper Spirit guidance about my events, I knew exactly when and were to create them and flow was restored that very week!  I share this with you as a woman with a graduate degree who spent much of her life learning the processes that lead to success.  It’s not easy to throw it all aside when Spirit guides us to do so, without any logical reason, and yet I’m here to tell you that is the only way to true abundant flow.  All this education is great once we’re moving int he right direction, but we must stay in Spirit guidance or manifestation will definitely cease…and these days it is almost immediate!

I hope that sharing these experiences might help you recognize some aspect of your life in which a bit more gratitude or Spirit guidance can really open you up to increased Possibilities.  2013 is really going to be an amazing year!!

Namaste and much love,

Sheryl Sitts, Chief Inspirational Officer

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