EP139 Zen Benefiel Raising Galactic & Earthly Consciousness on Exploring Possibilities

Zen Benefiel, MA, MBA, Best-Selling Author, Transformational Life & Leadership Coach, 2 Small Biz Guys Co-Host, Facilitator and more (www.ZenBenefiel.com) visits with host Sheryl Sitts (www.JourneyOfPossibilities.com) about his first clairaudient experience at 4, a near-death experience in his teens, and about shifting our vibrational frequency to connect more easily with other beings in our galaxy living at different planes of consciousness (and why there’s nothing to fear).  They relate Zen’s vast business expertise to the importance of meditation (finding a quiet place in whatever way you can), the power of getting in rhythm with the heartbeat of the Universe, blending this earthly existence with exploring other realities, using tones of the Solfeggio frequency, sexuality and anal probes, alien abductions and disclosure, and more!  If you’re ready for a nice balance of earth and business talk with galactic exploration, you’ll enjoy this one! 


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