EP161 Tony Clarkson 11 Visits to John of God to Create Sanctuary of Healing on Exploring Possibilities

Tony Clarkson, Psychotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Founder of The Sanctuary of Healing (TheSanctuaryofHealing.co.uk)  tells Journey of Possibilities host Sheryl Sitts (JourneyOfPossibilities.com) how 11 visits to John of God and other miracles led him to create this special 25-acre healing centre in northern England, U.K.  Tony shares the care with which they designed the centre for optimum healing and how they work with electromagnetic frequencies and LED lights to heal the body.  Tony also discusses his role as a member of the Band of Light sharing the Joseph Communications into the world and about the books themselves which include the newest coming out next spring called The Spaces Between about physical illness and healing.  (You may also enjoy the recent interview with trance medium Michael Reccia who channels the Joseph information which can be found HERE.)


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