EP159 You’ll Be Inspired by Shirley Blair Procter on Exploring Possibilities

Shirley Blair Procter amazes host, Journey of Possibilities Founder, and Transformational Coach Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, (SherylSitts.com) and will inspire you, too!  Despite chronic fatigue and pain, she still manages to be active in her church, help the homeless every week, work (until 2 years ago), volunteer at music festivals, travel, run for public office, and raise 15 children!   She shares in-depth about fostering parenting, sewing for friends and family (how’d we forget that!), how she “met God”, her passion for the Labour Party, and her team approach to life.  Toward the end of the show she discusses using cannabid / cannabis oils to manage chronic pain.  Shirley will definitely inspire you to get more out of life…and give more along the way!


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