EP128 Rita Mills Publish Your Story for Impact & Profit on Exploring Possibilities

Rita Mills (3rd Coast Books) tells it like it is about the publishing industry with host and friend Sheryl Sitts (JourneyOfPossibilities.com).  Why does every author seem to instantly become an “international bestseller”; what is really going on there?  When is it best to publish independently (self publishing, but don’t call it that!), and when is it better to hire a publisher?  After 20 years in the newspaper industry and another 20 in book publishing, Rita knows the industry and tells listeners candidly what to do and what not to do to successfully publish their book(s).  Learn how and why she and a small team developed 3rd Coast Books to charge less to authors while providing more value and paying an unprecedented 40% royalty structure!  Discover their newest development Readers Cloud 9 set to launch through their website 3rdCoastBooks.com on March 16th as a worldwide online community for authors and readers to connect and share their passion for books.


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