EP134 Spiridoula Politis Art, Ayahuasca & Authenticity on Exploring Possibilities

Spiridoula Politis (Spiridoula.com), Fine Arts Educator, Yoga Teacher, Holistic Living Coach and Energy Healer visits with host Sheryl Sitts (SherylSitts.com) about her Greek heritage, her passion for art and music, how it feels to be a conscious, free-spirited middle-school teacher in a public school, and more.  They also discuss mutual friend and talented visionary artist Mauro Perez, understudy to Pablo Amaringo.  Spiridoula and Mauro INVITE YOU to their retreat in Peru this July to experience the healing and expansive power of ayahuasca, meditation, yoga, painting, and the beautiful Amazon river and jungle. Click HERE to learn more and register!


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