EP158 Conscious Couples: Sheryl & Mario on Exploring Possibilities

Our Conscious Couples series concludes with host, Journey of Possibilities Founder, and Transformational Coach Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, (SherylSitts.com) with her life and business partner Tech-Life Balance Founder and Coach Mario Rosales (MarioRosales.net).  Sheryl and Mario discuss how they maintain an in-the-moment relationship and define commitment outside social norms.  They share how communication is key to their relationship and how openly discussing their truths helps them discover and understand their emotions, share their feelings, and heal shadow aspects that no longer serve them.  They use love and respect to explore crucial conversations with a healthy dose of humor shaping their perspective.  They also open up about the importance of balancing the individuals with the partnership.  The book referenced in this interview is Crucial Conversations and may be found HERE.


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