EP157 Conscious Couples: Amy & The Pauly Lama on Exploring Possibilities

Our Conscious Couples series continues with the return of “The Pauly Lama”, Shamanic Ceremony Facilitator & Transformational Life Guide Paul Sutoris ([email protected], access his Pauly Lama’s Heartland Community in Facebook at https://m.facebook.com/groups/1510392105930651) and his love, Shamanic Mesa Carrier & Spiritual Life Coach Amy Renee ([email protected]).  You can find our last interview with Pauly from November 2014 HERE.)  Listen as Amy shares about her former career as a professional poker dealer, how she found shamanism and becoming a mesa carrier, and how she met her beloved Pauly.  Pauly shares vulnerably about the ending of his ten year relationship and engagement with his former partner and how meeting Amy is transforming him and his life.  They discuss the three pillars to a healthy relationship, interpreting animal medicine, insights to shaping dream time to enhance daily life, and their shared daily practices.  You’ll love these two as much as we do by the end of this show!


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