EP137 Sheryl & Mario Help With Anxiety on Exploring Possibilities

Did you know “help with anxiety” is one of the top searches in Google?   This inspires a spontaneous conscious conversation between show host Sheryl Sitts , MPA, BA, Coach, Practitioner & Community Builder (JourneyOfPossibilities.com) and producer Mario Rosales, Coach, Community Builder, and Online Marketing Strategist (TechLifeBalance.net).   Join in as they discuss how they recognize their fear, stress, worry, anger and more and address them using holistic practices like meditation, singing bowls, and breathwork.  They also discuss how remembering the true nature of reality shifts their perspective to a more empowered one using teaches of quantum physics and quantum mechanics.   (Mario also references the book Emotional Alchemy: How Your Mind can Heal Your Heart by Tara Bennett Goleman)


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