EP123 Byron Morrison Practical Holistic Health Guidance on Exploring Possibilities

Just in time to support your NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS to eat healthy, lose weight, and be more active, along comes Byron Morrison, Author, Coach,Certified Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, & Founder of Tailored Lifestyles Coaching (https://tailoredlifestyles.co.uk).  Byron opens up to host Sheryl Sitts (JourneyOfPossibilities.com) about his own journey to get up and get moving, his new book Become a Perfect Better You; Stop Dieting, Start Living, and his personalized, holistic approach to living healthier, happier living. Byron’s not some health nut spouting off what we should and shouldn’t do!  His heart, empathy, and compassion shine through as he shares real, manageable steps we can all take to shift our lifestyle one day at a time.


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