EP140 Lynn McKenzie Animal Communicator & Energy Healing on Exploring Possibilities

Lynn McKenzie is an internationally acclaimed leader in animal communication and energy healing, founder of The Animal Energy® Certification Training (https://www.facebook.com/AnimalEnergy/ & FREE UPCOMING CONNECT-ON-DEMAND WEBINAR How to Master Animal Communication at https://lynnmckenzie.com/training-registration). Today she visits with host Sheryl Sitts (https://www.JourneyOfPossibilities.com) about when she began connecting with animals on a soul level and how she teaches us to listen to what our pets want, know their desires when they’re sick or injured (Lynn also works with flower essences), connect with them around their own end of life, and even contact them after they’re gone.  Did you know we contract with our animal companions at the soul level before we meet here on earth?  In fact, are you aware they are here to help propel us along our soul path?  They even absorb our physical illnesses and emotional trauma (like when we lose a loved one, suffer a tragedy, divorce, etc.). This show is a must for pet owners and animal lovers!


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