EP122 Kathryn Eriksen How HeartDancing Restores Joy on Exploring Possibilities

Kathryn Eriksen, Author, Story Alchemist, and HeartDancing Guide  (KathrynEriksen.com) talks with host Sheryl Sitts (JourneyOfPossibilities.com) about how she became overwhelmed as a litigation lawyer and took a break that changed her life.  Now she helps others learn to Heartdance in their lives with her guided meditations, books (5 now, including her latest called, Drop the Leash: Let Go of Your Past and Love in the Present ) her radio show, and upcoming efforts.  Themes discussed include forgiveness, letting go of identities that no longer serve us, fears, old patterns, Neal Donald Walsh’s Conversations with God, writing, meditation (and her mentor David Ji), and more.

Journey of Possibilities shifts possibilities and perspectives in holistic, spiritual ways through private sessions, our website and Facebook community, weekly podcasts, quarterly digital magazines, entrepreneurial consulting (marketing, media, digital platforms, etc.), and live gatherings.


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