EP135 Jay Schwed Crystal Bowls Create Balance & Harmony on Exploring Possibilities

Jay Schwed, Healing Sound Master & Visionary (www.HealingCrystalBowls.com) chats with host Sheryl Sitts (www.JourneyOfPossibilities.com) about the science of sound healing and how it works within the mind and body, replacing judgment with an understanding of how we all simply behave according to our vibration, recognizing our oneness regardless of vibration (to include Donald Trump, Monsanto, murderers, pedophiles, etc.), the power of sound to balance and harmonize higher and lower chakras and masculine/feminine energies, and more. You’ll LOVE his definition of GURU!!!  Also learn how you can work with Jay live or online for sound healing, and the sound healing teams he is training across the U.S. to maintain that higher vibration over time.


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