EP110 Dr. Julio Arroyo Holistic Eye Health, Vision Correction, & Energetic Wellness on Exploring Possibilities

Dr. Julio Arroyo,OD, PScD, MBA Eye Health Consultants (SleepAndSee.com) tells Sheryl Sitts (JourneyOfPossibilities.com)  how he became passionate about holistic wellness and ultimately opened his practice in The Woodlands, Texas to restore vision and eye health naturally through methods like corneal molding, his work with macular degeneration and his later incorporation of energetic wellness to support overall client health.  Staff Consultant Marilyn Fields (EnergeticWellness.com) then explains how bioenergetic feedback and epigenetics addresses migraines and other physical ailments, their screening process, and how info-ceuticals address emotional trauma to restore health and energy flow within the body.


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