EP153 Bob Lavendusky NeurOptimal Neurofeedback & Mind-Body Connection on Exploring Possibilities

Bob Lavendusky, Certified NeurOptimal Master Trainer & Owner of Stillpoint Neurofeedback (StillPointNeurofeedback.com) in Lawrence Kansas tells host Sheryl Sitts (JourneyOfPossibilities.com) about his lifelong fascination with the mind-body connection and how his life led him to work with neurofeedback from a young age.  Bob explains how neurofeedback works, the specific benefits of neuroptimal neurofeedback, and how it helps with a myriad of conditions by remapping the neural network within the brain.  He also discusses how this mind-body connection relates to spirituality and vice versa.  Bob shares a little about his latest machine, a Bemer and how that enhances the other work he does.


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