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Experts Contradict Themselves Daily – How Can We Know The Truth?

shield-492989_960_720Have you noticed how the “experts” and media give us both extremes on what is and isn’t good for us and our planet? How can they both be right? They do this concerning food, nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, career, education, finances, relationships, politics…it’s information overload and it often contradicts itself. As soon as we learn something, we learn from someone else why it isn’t true. “Keeping up” intellectually is damn near impossible! Not only is it exhausting, but how can we know “the truth”?

As we are taken to the extremes, we are forced to find what is true for ourselves instead of getting all our answers outside ourselves. Once we disconnect from Propagandaville and get back in touch with ourselves and our bodies, we discover that we have an internal compass for truth. We also learn that sometimes “truth” is relative, such that what is true for you is not necessarily true for me.

TRUTH RESONATES within the body. I feel truth and know it to be my truth when I discover it…as if I am remembering it. I align with it completely…if I stay present and aware of my body instead of getting lost in external distractions or my own mind weighing out knowledge. When I slip into outer distraction or mental exercise, I am no longer present. I am learning to catch myself and yet staying true to my inner compass and aware in the moment is it’s a moment by moment journey.

Much love and Light to you,
Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Holistic Spiritual Coach, Practitioner, & Community Builder
Founder, Journey of Possibilities featuring live events, weekly shows, and a quarterly digital magazine

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