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Evolutionary Relationships: Renewing Ourselves Together


Recently I had the pleasure of a Facebook LIVE chat with the fun and quite enlightened N Donell ‘Donnie” Hill ( about the ups and downs and ins and outs of relationships, that fertile ground through which we evolve, exchange love, and often pull our hair out!  My favorite thing about connecting with Donnie is that we both believe in laughter, authenticity, the occasional cuss word when it best fits, and just a real raw look at life.

Whether your relationship is brand new or years old, black or white, heterosexual or homosexual, or any of the 9 million places in between, you’ll love this conversation which includes:

  • How do you have difficult conversations?
  • Where are expectations holding you back from connection?
  • How do you handle anger without destroying the relationship?
  • What can you do to encourage your partner to open up?
  • Where does co-dependency impact relationships?
  • How does race, religion, sexual orientation and more affect your confidence and intimacy?
  • What love languages are you speaking to each other?
  • Where are you out of balance in your relationship?
  • What is your relationship reflecting back to you about yourself?
  • …and a whole lot more!

We don’t pretend to have it all figured out, but we share what we know.  See for yourself (it’s a bit long, so try watching this instead of TV tonight):

The conversation does not have to end here.  COMMENT BELOW this blog or my YouTube channel (have you subscribed…more content coming soon!).  Donnie and I will gladly respond to you!

Sending you much love, Light (and patience!) along your Journey of Possibilities,

Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Holistic Spiritual Speaker & Coach, Certified Family Mediator

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